A Better Way Forward for NYC Independent Schools

We are a group of concerned parents who believe there is a better way to promote diversity and inclusivity at leading independent schools in NYC without sacrificing quality education for all students.

In recent years, a new orthodoxy has emerged at our schools, dividing our communities based on immutable characteristics such as race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation. As a result, the core tenets of high-quality education—uniting all children and families through a love and appreciation for learning and community spirit—have gone by the wayside. Schools should unite us, not divide us.  To save our schools, administrators must ensure academic rigor and intellectual integrity are requirements of any core curriculum while respecting parents as the primary moral educators of their children.  We hope to contribute to a necessary and ongoing dialogue surrounding diversity education to achieve diversity, inclusion, and quality education for all students.

There must be a better way for New York City independent schools.

Share Your Story

It’s difficult to know how best to communicate the concerns you or your child may have about their education, but it’s important to share your experiences. This way, we can better understand the challenges facing parents, students, and teachers at NYC independent schools–and better suggest alternative solutions that prioritize education as well as diversity.


If you or your child have witnessed concerning content or been part of a troubling experience regarding NYC prep school curricula, please let us know. Submissions are 100 percent anonymous. We will never use your information without your express permission.


Get Involved:

You can get involved by sharing your story anonymously here.

You can also connect with other parents at your child’s school though the Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism (FAIR). (Please note PrepSchoolAccountability.com is not affiliated with FAIR.)

For questions or more information on how to help support us, email info@prepschoolaccountability.com.


Get Educated:

There is an abundance of research and literature regarding diversity education that complements, rather than replaces, a classic education. Below are just a few examples.